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Pilgrim Talks: Michael Saddik - AnaTango

February 8th, 2012

Anatango Michael Zaddik

Michael Saddik CEO

Michael Saddik is an established senior executive with over 20 years of experience in sales and technology. Formally the Executive Vice-President of Concerro, a healthcare Software-as-a-Service company, Saddik later co-founded his own start-up tech company, AnaTango, which specializes in cloud-based software applications and services. Saddik holds an MBA from Pepperdine University with an emphasis in Executive Leadership; and currently serves as a Board Member for The Lupus Foundation of Northern California, a non-profit organization which promotes lupus awareness.

His company, AnaTango, has quickly established itself as a business solution provider which enables their customer base to maximize their operations, while minimizing their total cost of ownership. Saddik and his team of business management experts have empowered organizations to do business their way while speaking a common business language.  Currently, "The AnaTango Business Diamond", (Saddik's business solution to the market today) consists of four distinct services: AnaTango Cloud, AnaTango Consult, AnaTango Connect, and AnaTango Apps. The Cloud and Consult services being the two most popular services offered.

AnaTango Business Management Suite

"AnaTango Cloud" is AnaTango's software solution which allows organizations small and large to implement, deploy, and manage their strategy with visible accountability.  AnaTango Cloud products are designed to empower business leaders with all of the tools required to create and execute the simplest to the most complex operational processes and strategic plans. It embraces the over-arching CEO view intertwined with a systems engineering and detail- oriented approach that allows the user the impressive ability to model a process or develop a strategic plan, as well as a seasoned executive does.

Whether the process, structure, or model is a SWOT (OTSW), KPI, TOC, Feasibility Study, Risk Control or models that exist today, or even something that you invent, Anavation lets you construct it, and integrate it within the bigger picture.
"AnaTango Consult", Saddik's latest creation, allows organizations help with: Strategy Deployment, Operational Excellence, Infrastructure Efficiency, Shareholder Return, Profitable Growth, Customer Metrics, & Financial Consistency, and lastly: Branding and Marketing: via: Internet websites, Social Media, other Media outlets.
To learn more about AnaTango, go to anatango.com

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