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Pilgrim Talks: Tish Squillaro, CEO of Candor

August 22nd, 2012



Tish Squillaro CEO

For her book, "Headtrash," to be published in the Fall, CEO and Consultant Tish Squillaro has identified what she views as the seven emotions that muddy the thinking of top executives to the point where they lose control of their ability to lead.

Among these logic inhibitors, says Tish, are Fear, Anxiety, Arrogance, Insecurity, Anger, Guilt, Paranoia and Control. Any one, or a combination of these emotions, Tish says, can cripple an executive and render him or her ineffective.

No wonder Tish's phone often rings in the middle of the night. It is likely to be a CEO asking for advice.

Tish has not earned the moniker "CEO Whisperer" for nothing.

"It's lonely at the top," says Tish. "CEOs and other top executives don't like to admit vulnerability or indecision in the workplace. When they need expert advice their staff often tells them just what they want to hear. My job is to tell them what they should hear, not what pleases them."

As the CEO of CANDOR Consulting (http://www.candor-consulting.com) Tish takes candor to the next level. "Unlike a traditional consulting company," she asserts, "we don’t just offer theory and advice. We collaborate with and immerse ourselves in our client's business. We become more like a partner than a consultant and that allows us freedom to say just what we think."

Tish Squillaro, CEO, has more than 17 years experience advising executives in strategic planning, organizational dynamics and human capital allocation. Her progressive vision and adaptive approach to practical application makes her particularly effective in collaborating with senior management.

Tish helps clients leverage human capital to drive the success of their business rather than simply support it. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge from a broad range of disciplines, she has particular expertise in change management processes, business strategy development, as well as behavioral and organizational dynamics. Combining sharp problem solving skills with effective mediation abilities, Tish works primarily with CEOs, executive management and boards of directors within organizations at various stages of development, ranging from early entrepreneurial to Fortune 500 companies.

Her career spans a variety of sectors, including technology, pharma, construction, manufacturing, life sciences, retail, professional services and media. Before forming CANDOR, she was Co-Managing Partner at Penn Valley Group. Earlier, Tish ran Metis Corporation, a business consultancy, where the client strategies she developed shifted the approach from reactive to a more strategic, proactive approach. Tish also served as an executive for RealTime Media and Director of CLE for Willkie Farr & Gallagher. Her strategies for pointroll, Cadient Group, Johnson Matthey and the Granary Associates, cut costs and liabilities as they improved productivity and efficiency.

To learn more about CANDOR, go to candor-consulting.com