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Pilgrim Talks: Vak Sambath, FastStart.studio

August 15th, 2012


Vak Sambath Vak Sambath Entrepreneur
Vak is an active community evangelist for Orange County Technology.
As the co-founder and architect of Pageable, Vak drives the development of product strategy, market research, and small business customer acquisition efforts.  Along with cofounders, Val Catalasan and Eric Lumba, the team at Pageable created an online marketing platform for small business owners that are looking to drive sales through an easy and simple D.I.Y deal page creator without any I.T. or design experience.
Vak got his entrepreneurial start at SMC Networks in 2001, where he co -developed the industry's first EZ 3-Click Router Installation software.  After the development of the software, Vak was later promoted to manage the company's first in-house R&D for SMC Networks, North America.  In the following year, Vak left SMC Networks to begin his first company, Medmania, Inc., where he developed a patent pending question and answering software process for educational learning.  In addition to starting Medmania, Vak founded other successful web properties such as Campusbug (a social learning network) and Techzulu (a technology news reporting blog site for Southern California).  In 2008, Medmania acquired the operating rights to Crushspot.com, an urban dating site, where he grew the site to 100 million page views per month with 1 million users registered in less than one year.
Vak received his major in Biology and minor in Behavioral Psychology from Allegheny College, Meadville, PA.

For more information about FastStart.studio visit: faststartstudio.com


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